With Plai, your organization can use SSO (Single Sign-On) to access your account using only email addresses, and your SSO provider, like Okta, Onelogin, or Microsoft Azure AD. So that you can benefit from Plai’s support for SAML.

Below is an instruction for setting up integration with Okta as an example. Please reach out to us, so we can help you configure integration with your SSO provider.



<aside> 💡 Contact Plai support to start SSO configuration. Plai support will provide you with the values for the Single sign-on URL and Audience URI.

Property mappings will be clarified as well.


1. Contact Plai support to get the configuration properties for your workspace

The Plai team will provide a Single sign-on URL and Audience URI and discuss property mappings.

Make sure you also have a workspace in Plai that you want to connect.

2. Create Okta Application

  1. Go to the Admin part, Applications → Create a new app → SAML 2.0
  2. Write App Name